Jim Keddy  
James Keddy
Vice President & Chief learning officer  


James Keddy, Chief Learning Officer, began his career at The Endowment in 2009 as Director of Healthy Communities, North Region. As the current Chief Learning Officer, Keddy is responsible for the development and oversight of the learning, evaluation, and research functions of The Endowment.

Keddy’s previously served as Director of PICO California, an association of nonpartisan, faithbased community organizations that work to create innovative solutions to the issues impacting lowincome communities

In the area of health care access Keddy led advocacy campaigns focused on expanding health coverage for children and the undocumented, increasing funding for community health centers and in raising tobacco taxes. In addition to health, Keddy led campaigns on a range of public school and children’s issues, including the expansion of afterschool programs statewide, school facilities, and parent/teacher home visits. In his 21 years in the field of community organizing, Keddy trained hundreds of volunteers and staff in advocacy and organizing, and helped establish new efforts in Fresno, Stanislaus County, Los Angeles and Contra Costa County.

Keddy is a Senior Fellow for the American Leadership Forum. He has served on the boards of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, the California Budget Project, Cover the Kids, and the Sacramento Children’s Chorus. He served on The Endowment’s Board of Directors from 20052009. Keddy was a Peace Corps trainer and volunteer in Costa Rica from 19851987.

Keddy earned his B.A. in English from the University of California, Davis, and his M.A. in Systematic Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He lives in Sacramento.