LIVE STREAM: Behind the Scenes of What We Eat with Mark Bittman

An Evening with Mark Bittman at The California Endowment 

On November 14th at 7 p.m., Mark Bittman reveals simple, ready-to-implement lifestyle tweaks for an overall recipe of eating more judiciously and consciously in our neighborhoods.

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Program Description

Now that he’s taught us How to Cook Everything, he’s got something important to share with us about the true impact of our food choices—on everything. CenterScene Public Programs is pleased to host food journalist, New York Times columnist and author Mark Bittman at The California Endowment on Wednesday, November 14th.

We might think we’re choosing more responsibly when we pick up the organic tomato versus the cheaper hormone-infused one to its right, but Mark Bittman argues that we’re not yet absolved of our duty to think, question and improve when it comes to what we eat. Bittman explains that food is still, in large part, sold to be profitable first and foremost, and that “organic” might not mean fair treatment of agricultural workers, sustainable farming practices, or a smaller carbon footprint.  Despite newfound awareness around food, we remain in the thick of a health crisis mired with preventable diseases that have led to the US’ life expectancy being 45th in the world.

Bittman evangelizes that true change will happen when we understand our role in the big picture of what’s healthy— for the consumer, the planet, and those producing our food. During the program, hear Bittman’s thinking on hot button issues including the ongoing debate around GMOs in California.

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About CenterScene

CenterScene is a wide-ranging series of public programs organized by the Center for Healthy Communities to raise awareness about the vital issues that affect the health of California's communities. Admission and parking are free at all events. Use of public transportation is strongly encouraged. 

Mark Bittman
Food Journalist, New York Times Writer, and Author

Mark Bittman is one of America’s best-known and most widely respected food writers. He covers food policy, cooking, and eating as an Opinion columnist and blogger for the New York Times, where he is also the New York Times Magazine’s lead food writer. He produced “The Minimalist” column for 13 years, now a show on the Cooking Channel; he is also a regular on the Today Show and he has authored more than a dozen cookbooks, including How to Cook Everything The Basics, How to Cook Everything, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (both also available as apps), Food Matters, and the Food Matters Cookbook. Learn more at

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