October 23 2017

We Heard You…

A little more than a year ago, we released our five-year report on the impact, progress, lessons, and mistakes of our Building Healthy Communities (BHC) campaign. We named the report “The Power Grid” in acknowledgement of the extraordinary role we have seen community and civic voices, advocacy, and activism—or “People Power”—play in advancing our healthy communities agenda across our state and in the 14 BHC sites.

Your partnership support of BHC, your specific feedback, and the broader national and historic challenges of health equity and health justice remind us how important this undertaking continues to be. At this very moment, we are watching as federal efforts to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act shift toward efforts to undermine its implementation. We see simultaneously vibrant and troubling discussions about race, immigration, inclusion, and exclusion in our national discourse. We see the scientific and research basis about the social determinants of health continue to grow with each passing year. When we consider these factors, we see that addressing health inequity through meaningful and inclusive community participation must be center stage for our nation and our state. This is the core work of our shared vision for BHC.

We have found ourselves in the middle of the exact fight we need to be in.

This note is intended to provide a TCE leadership summary on three fronts: First, our collective read on the community feedback interviews we conducted to gain a better sense of what community partners think about the BHC journey and the response to our five-year assessment report (full report and executive summary now available). Second, the implications of that feedback as we begin to engage our Board of Directors in the coming months about the future of BHC through 2021 and beyond. Finally, our thoughts about how the political dynamics in Washington, DC influence our thinking and planning for the future of BHC… (Click here for the remainder of letter)

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  1. Julio Zaldivar says:

    Great report!

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