March 23 2016

If you’re up late at night, flipping through TV channels during the next several weeks, you might stumble across an unexpected infomercial. It won’t give you abs of steel, teach you how to “set it and forget it,” or deliver three for the price of one –if you call RIGHT NOW!

It won’t do any of these things, but it could change your life.

Today, The Endowment begins airing an infomercial showing Californians how they can use Proposition 47 to change their record, turning certain non-violent felonies (like shoplifting or drug possession) into misdemeanors.  The video stars spoken-word and hip-hop artist Ise Lyfe, who explains how Prop. 47 changed the law and walks viewers through the process of changing their record.

Ise explains how changing your record could mean a better job, or opportunities for college loans and better housing. We know that removing these barriers to success will also improve the health of our communities.

This infomercial really can change your life. And yes, you do have to act quickly. The opportunity to change your record through Prop. 47 lasts only until November 2017—so, if you’re eligible, it’s important to start the process now.

You don’t have to stay up until 3:00 a.m. to watch this infomercial. Watch the video below now and visit for more information about how this voter-approved initiative could help you and/or your loved ones.

Please share this post and video link, widely, so that as many Californians as possible can benefit from this opportunity.

Click here to learn about how The California Endowment is promoting Prop 47 and improving neighborhood safety.

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