Audited Financials

Financial Statements for last 5 years

FS 3-31-2020
FS 3-31-2019
FS 3-31-2018
FS 3-31-2017
FS 3-31-2016

990-PF filings for last 5 years

FY19 Form 990-PF
FY18 Form 990-PF
FY17 Form 990-PF
FY16 Form 990-PF
FY15 Form 990-PF

Learn how we are advancing health and racial equity in California

Health Systems

Health Systems

Our health system works best when every Californian has access to quality and affordable health care

Inclusive Community Development

Our communities and neighborhoods thrive when policies advance health and racial equity for all Californians.

Justice Reinvestment

Re-imagining a criminal justice system that centers on prevention and healing.

Power Infrastructure

Building Power in resilient communities across the state for a stronger California.


Academic achievement, inclusive learning environments and health go hand in hand.