Anthony Armour

Anthony Armour

Anthony Armour

As the founder and CEO of Neighborhood Industries in Fresno, CA, Armour walks his talk.

The organization—which includes a thrift shop, recycling program and other initiatives—believes in “empowerment through employment.” Neighborhood Industries is helping to revitalize some of Fresno’s poorest neighborhoods by investing in residents, providing them with skills for navigating the modern workplace and achieving self-sufficiency.

Anthony Armour

Armour is proud of what he’s done and of his own resilience—but he’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t an easy path. Being a stakeholder in his community is a role he values, and one he wants to make more accessible to folks who have “survived something.” He believes that if more people at decision-making tables knew what it was like “not to have boots or straps to pull themselves up with,” it would bring about important changes and ease the way for those to come.


“My entire career has been built on investing in resilience.”

“I need to take care of the person who's literally right next to me and he belongs in this neighborhood just as much as I do. He's my neighbor. He may not have a roof over his head, but he's my neighbor.”

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The matter of Belonging is core to our theory of change as a health equity-minded foundation.

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The matter of Belonging is core to our theory of change as a health equity-minded foundation.