August 14 2017

After consuming two days of television news and print coverage on the events in Charlottesville, I needed to revert to a day of prayer and reflection to process the extraordinary levels of organized hate and bigotry that unfolded.  Sunday showed up for me just in time.

It is fundamentally clear we have witnessed emboldened levels of hateful, bigoted, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, Islamophobic, white supremacist and white nationalistic behavior.  And this behavior is not coming from all sides.

The white nationalists and supremacists ostensibly were executing their right to free speech in Charlottesville – marching to uphold the legacy of military and political leaders who fought to keep my ancestors enslaved and in chains.  Message received.

I have one message to young people and people of color who find themselves equally outraged by this latest surge of the darkest elements of our nation:

Unite. Organize. Vote.




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