Bob’s Blog: Yes, On the State of Emergency

A shout-out to the Human Rights Campaign for their declaration yesterday of a state of emergency for the LGBTQ community nationally.

The LGBTQ community across a wide range of states has been under a human rights and dignity-of-humanity attack generally – and the Trans community in particular. It has been a cold, calculating, deliberate, inhumane, and vicious political agenda – and from the highest level of government in several states.  It is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism, and I am pleased to see the Human Rights Campaign call it out.  As a person of faith, I add that these attacks have been decidedly and remarkably un-Christian.

What to do about it?  For us at The California Endowment, the answer to injustice lies, very simply, in two words: People Power.  It means that the voices of the oppressed, the attacked, the marginalized, and the scapegoated are invested in and uplifted.  Philanthropy must stand tall with our LGBTQ siblings and family.  At The Endowment we will, and we shall, and we do.

Bob Ross


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