August 5 2019

In my previous blogs I centered and focused my blogs on the theme of outrage.  This theme continues because fuel for the fires of outrage continues to be poured on. I have to say this week I want to call out the racist-tinged terror that has been coming from the top.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “terrorism” as “the political use of violence or intimidation.”  So, I ask you, what do the following sequence of events sound like to you?

  • Blatant and aggressive attempts to force a citizenship question on the 2020 Census form – even going around the highest court in the land — designed to intimidate participation.
  • Mobilizing federal troops to protect the border against asylum-seeking migrants.
  • The willful separation of migrant and immigrant children from their parents.
  • Migrants and their children being held in cages and dehumanizing, unsanitary conditions.
  • Mobilizing ICE to conduct raids against immigrant communities in a show of force.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “terrorize” as: “to fill with great fear; to control and dominate by intimidation or violence.”

Government-sponsored terrorism – as defined by Mr. Webster — from the highest office in our democracy.  Let’s just call this what it is.

But we also see moments of morally-inspired, values-driven action.  Thanks to our colleagues at MALDEF (The Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund) and like-minded immigration advocacy organizations, an argument for reason regarding the citizenship question was successfully prosecuted using the rule of law and due process.  And, this past weekend the faith community sponsored vigils protesting the treatment of migrants across the country, providing an opportunity for shared humanity to shine through.  

The California Endowment is proud to support so many of the legal and community-based organizations fighting for the health and well-being of migrants and immigrant communities terrorized from the top of our nation.  Those groups in the fight every day deserve our admiration for their hard work, but more importantly they deserve your support as well.


National Immigrant Legal Center (NILC) (

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) (

Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) (

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