April 12 2016

Last week, I had the privilege of helping to organize the #Agua4All community rally at Toro Canyon Middle School in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Together with concerned students, parents, and local leaders, we celebrated progress made to expand access to safe wafer in local schools and called for comprehensive solutions to our state’s drinking water crisis.

According to official state reports, one million Californians were exposed to unsafe drinking water in their homes in 2014. That’s completely unacceptable and must change now!

Speaking personally, #Agua4All has brought me joy not only as a community organizer but also as a local resident. I grew up in the East Coachella Valley, in the community of Oasis. As part of #Agua4All, I helped distribute water bottles to many local schools during the past six months—including the elementary school I attended as a young child.

A Water Tap Installed Recently at Toro Canyon  Middle School.
A Water Tap Installed Recently at Toro Canyon Middle School.

When I was there, a member of the yard staff called me over and said that he remembered me! We spoke about the importance of bringing these resources to our community. We discussed how #Agua4All has not only increased water access in schools, but also launched a broader discussion about water quality in the Eastern Coachella Valley and throughout California.  That conversation was a powerful reminder to me about why this campaign is so important.

To read more about the #Agua4All rally in Coachella, read this story from the Desert Sun, or watch this piece from our local Univision affiliate (in Spanish).

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working with you to make #Agua4All a reality!

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