August 13 2018


The California Endowment (TCE) Youth Awards will celebrate young leaders across the state who embody the qualities of the California Endowment through community engagement and social service. The TCE Youth Awards will be a first-of-its-kind event, celebrating the long-standing efforts and achievements of youth and youth groups throughout California. For many years, California’s youth have been central to the work of the California Endowment and Building Healthy Communities. This event will recognize impressive young people for their leadership. In this spirit, the development of the Youth Awards incorporates youth voices and talent throughout the planning process and execution of the event.

What are the Different Award Types?

Our four award categories were created to honor the achievements that young individuals and groups have made in the journey toward better health for their local communities and, in some cases, across the state:

  1. Community Champions Award (awarding 16 leaders total, one to each BHC site, plus two at-large awards)
  2. Brandon Harrison Visionary Award (awarding one youth, who has overcome immense obstacles, and has gone on to be a change maker in their community)
  3. Healthy Communities Award (awarding one organization which elevates youth while improving overall health outcomes at the community level)
  4. Healthy California Award (awarding one organization which elevates youth while improving overall health outcomes at the statewide level)

how many nominations did we receive?

Overall, TCE received 288 nominations. Of these, there were 231 distinct nominees, meaning that 57 nominations were submitted for a person or organization that had already been nominated by someone else. Broken down by award category, we received:

  • Community Champions Nominees: 181
  • Brandon Harrison Nominees: 120 (dual nominated for Community Champions Award)
  • Healthy Communities Nominees: 31
  • Healthy California Nominees: 19

who are the award winners?

BRANDON HARRISON AWARD: Tisha Ortiz (of East Oakland)





Gabriella Claro

Boyle Heights

David Celedon

Central Santa Ana

Danyeal Escobar


Paw Wah

City Heights

Xochtil Larios

East Oakland

Xitlaali Castellanos

East Salinas

Simon Moore

Coachella Valley

Spencer Lara

Long Beach

Jahiem Jones


Yeshahyah Yisrael


Chyna Patz

South Kern

Nalleli Cobo

South LA

Avi Critz

Del Norte

Guadalupe Reyes Calderon


Tahara Reynolds

Not Affiliated

Jacqueline Martinez

Not Affiliated


How were winners selected?

Winner selection was broken into three stages, beginning with a preliminary round led by RALLY and the Pollination Project, who activated 14 young people to collectively ensure all 231 applications were revieved by at least two evaluators, identifying semi-finalists. Next, the Selection Commmittee participated in a digital evaluation round where they identified finalists, followed by their in-person deliberation. On August 5th, the Selection Committee convened to choose winners for each category. Our Selection Committee was comprised of established social justice leaders as well as members of the President’s Youth Council, including:


Sepi Aghdaee

Haas, Jr. Fund

Tony Aguilar

PYC Member

Nane Alejandrez

Barrios Unidos

James Bell

Burns Institute

Efrain Botello

PYC Member

Amparo Cid

Cid and Macedo

Chris Covington

PYC Member

Jasmine Dellafosse

PYC Member

Charles Fields

Irvine Foundation

Deyaneira Garcia

PYC Member

Sara Eagle Heart

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Sandra Martinez

Cal Wellness

Uma Viswanathan

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Dean Welliver

PYC Member

Mona Yeh

Funder’s Collaborative on Youth Organizing

How many people have been reached?

Since late April, the TCE Youth Awards website has been viewed 12,665 times by 4,858 unique visitors. During our paid ad campaign on social media in late May and early June, we saw the following results on Facebook and Twitter:


Ads were targeted to existing email lists of staff at The California Endowment and Building Healthy Communities, as well as to their local connections. This strategy led to:

„ 657 website clicks

„ 69,943 page engagements

„ 297,116 people reached

„ 522,041 impressions

Based on client feedback, we paid Twitter content. This strategy resulted in:

„ 600 profile visits

„ 52,000 impressions

Since then, our Twitter audience has continued to grow, leading to:

„ 486 additional profile visits since June

„ 65,000 impressions overall


Who are our partners?


RALLY: Communications (including earned media), event planning, event production, overall strategy, partner coordination



Grantmaking to award winners, Youth-led award selection process


Youth-led video production around winners, video footage at event


Logistical support for all in-person meetings and Oct. 20th event





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