March 23 2015

My heart and prayers continue to pour in the direction of Ferguson, Missouri.  Now it appears that after months and months of strife and tension ever since the tragic shooting of Michael Brown, we witness a shooting of two police officers during a demonstration this past week.

It is all quite painful to watch.  But if the 50th anniversary of Selma taught us anything, it is about the power of nonviolence in providing a moral platform in the battle for social justice.  Senseless violence must be condemned in any and all forms.

In the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown – and too many other young men of color – we offer prayer and support for the families and community directly impacted.  In the spirit of justice and fairness, this past Sunday I prayed for the wounded police officers of Ferguson and their families as well.

Let us hope that the seemingly relentless pain of Ferguson serves as fuel for a national movement of improved relations and trust-building between community and local law enforcement….with nonviolent, peaceful, purposeful reconciliation in service of healthier communities.


Robert K. Ross
President & CEO

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