1. I can’t upload my narrative/expenditure report?
Please contact Grants Operations via gms@calendow.org
2. Where can I find copies of the narrative questions and/or expenditure report forms?
Copies of the narrative questions and expenditure report forms can be found here.
3. What are the system requirements for online reporting?
Users must have access to the internet and a web based browser that allows cookies.  Certified browsers for online report submissions include:
Internet Explorer v8.0 or higher
Mozilla Firefox v3.6.1 or higher
4. I forgot my password?
From the Account Login page, click the “Forgot your password” link. Upon clicking the link, provide your email address and you will be sent a temporary password.
5. I have an account login, but do not see my grant requirements?
Verify with your authorized reporting contact whether you have been granted access through our Global Account set-up. If no access has been granted, have the authorized reporting staff contact gms@calendow.org.
6. How long does it take to create a login account?
Grants Operations takes 1 to 2 business days to process your request, depending on the volume of requests in a given week.
7. I want to include attachments but the system only allows for a narrative and expenditure report.
Please list those attachments you wish to include in your narrative. The Program Manager will notify you to submit those attachments separately, if needed.
8. How do I change the accountholder login?
Please contact gms@calendow.org and we will change the reporting contact for you.
9. How do I request a no cost extension?
A request for the extension, with the extension date and a brief justification, may be submitted in writing to your Program Manager or Grants Analyst no later than 10 days prior to the end of the grant.  Extension requests are not automatic and must be approved by The Endowment.
10. Our grant is about to end and we have unexpended funds, what do we do?
Please notify your Program Manager before the closing of the grant to discuss.
11. What happens if grant funds are not spent exactly as budgeted?
Except for changes to or additions of employee benefits or indirect costs or any capital expenditure, subcontract/consultant cost or incentive or the addition of new line-items, The Endowment (TCE) will allow grantees up to 100 percent flexibility between the Personnel and Non-Personnel categories, and 100 percent line-item flexibility within those categories, without prior approval. Changes to the preceding exceptions may be allowed, but only with prior written consent of a budget modification by TCE.
Line-item flexibility notwithstanding, each grantee must use all funding provided in a TCE grant pursuant strictly to the outcomes listed in that grant agreement and are required to maintain adequate financial records of the grant-funded activity. TCE retains the right under its grant agreement, upon written notice, to audit grantee’s books and records relating to grant expenditures.
12. How do I submit my report?
Please review the “How to Submit Reports” resource, also found on the Grants & PRIs page of TCE’s website.
13. Where do I find my reporting deadlines?
Deadlines can be found by logging-in to the reporting online portal, and viewing the list of active grants and deadlines under the ‘Requirements’ tab.
14. Where can I find the list of grant outcomes and indicators to include in my narrative report?
Please refer to the Grant Agreement, Section III ‘Expected Outcomes of Grant’ for a full list of grant outcomes and indicators.
Grant information can also be found by logging-in to the reporting online portal, and selecting the corresponding grant report form under the ‘Requirements’ tab.  Grant Objectives/Outcomes (also known as outcomes/indicators) are listed within the Grant Information.
15. More Questions?
If you have questions regarding online reporting, please contact gms@calendow.org or your Grants Analyst.  Depending on the question, your answer will come via e-mail or telephone. We strive to respond within 2 to 3 business days.