March 17 2015

California’s young people aren’t just inheriting the future, they’re building it. The energy and action of TCE’s youth partners have made a concrete difference in the lives of millions of Californians.

The Endowment is dedicated to enlisting and uplifting the ideas, skills, and energy of California’s youth. Here are some of the ways they’ve fueled the Health Happens Here conversation:

  • More than 100 youth activists appeared at the State Capitol in August for the Select Committee on Boys and Men of Color hearing, and five testified, speaking truth to the state’s political leaders.
  • Since 2010, The Endowment has employed more than 150 youth journalists. These budding reporters established news outlets in 12 of the 14 Building Healthy Communities sites.
  • 10 media fellows worked directly with Univision’s Affordable Care Act initiative. One of our media fellow’s is now working full-time in Univision’s Miami headquarters covering California health issues from the lens of a young activist.
  • A young activist from Oakland led the Endowment’s Jamie Oliver anti-soda press conference. More than 21 media outlets covered the press conference.
  • Fifteen youth wrote and created their own videos on the importance of getting health coverage for the Get Covered Campaign.
  • Youth wrote and recorded this video for 2Young2Vote (watch it here).
  • Trans and queer youth in Los Angeles rallied on the steps of city hall to raise awareness of violence against queer youth of color.
  • Young people in the Merced hub created a video as part of the Asegúrate campaign to extend health coverage (watch it here).
  • Health Happens Here social media, driven largely by young people, grew by 216 percent, adding more than 53,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. The Sons and Brothers Facebook channel now has more than 100,000 likes.
  • In the past year alone, stories of youth fighting for social justice and a healthy California were captured more than 60,000 times through earned and paid media.

Here at The California Endowment, we take pride in uplifting and inspiring the future of California—the youth—and we cannot possibly capture the amount of impact they have had on our campaigns. But visit any of the Building Healthy Communities hub pages, and you’ll see that young organizers, activists, and communicators are leading our movement.

This kind of progress only happens because people like you get involved, and the work isn’t done. Over one million Medi-Cal recipients must renew their health coverage every month. Sacramento County supervisors will debate whether to reinstate funding to cover undocumented residents and you can make your voice heard by attending the workshop on March 18th.

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