November 21 2016

2016-scorecard-image_medChildren Now’s interactive online data tool, The 2016–2017 California County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being which provides snapshots of children’s well-being in each of California’s counties is now available.

The Scorecard measures 28 key indicators of child well-being across California’s 58 counties; the data is organized by categories of health, education, child welfare, and economic well-being. With a five-star rating system to allow for quick data analysis, the scorecard also contextualizes the data using a two-year comparison that highlights race, ethnicity, California averages, and other counties’ performances.

Trends that are apparent state-wide include increases in the numbers of 12th graders graduating on time and children who are a healthy weight. However, the Scorecard also shows regional disparities, such as 91% of women receiving prenatal care in Marin County, and only 28% in Imperial County.

Please use the tools to share and use this data to prioritize—and work together on—policy solutions to improve children’s health, education, welfare, and economic well-being.

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