July 29 2015

Fresh air, beautiful scenery, trees, and greenery is the juxtaposition of living in the L.A. city. Getting away from the pollution, cars, and the smog is wonderful in the sense that I feel free and ameliorated for the years of repression and suffocation caused by my city.

This summer at the Sons and Brothers Camp I felt relieved from all the stress that my city has placed upon me; I’m now able to open up to people and experience new out of the ordinary activities. Those new people were boys and men of color, ranging in age and coming from different cities all over California. Going outdoors, playing ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and, most importantly, bonding with other people is the epitome of living the good life and “getting away from it all.”

Furthermore, even though we all came from diverse cultural backgrounds, we were all able to get in touch with our spiritual side. This was important to me because my generation has strayed somewhat from our culture and traditions that our ancestor’s formally used to follow.

Marc Arenas taking a leap of faith at the Sons and Brothers Camp.
Marc Arenas taking a leap of faith at the Sons and Brothers Camp.

In addition to all the amazing activities that we participated in, we were also provided with intellectual and informative workshops that essentially helped us to learn about the reality that is occurring around us, and how the system is the reason why we are oppressed and failing.

Ultimately, using the didactic knowledge that I gained from these workshops, I will be able to bring back what I learned and apply it to my community so that I can make a difference. Because I am in the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, I now have the obligation to utilize what I’ve learned at this camp and to apply it to future campaigns this year so we can see phenomenal outcomes that result in victories.


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