June 1 2015

Growing up as a young gender variant child in a city that I feel  represents America more than any other city was difficult because it was filled with hard working, honest, courageous, yet uneducated people when it comes to gender variant children.

The town I grew up in was 98% Hispanic. With that comes great prejudice because our culture is closely tied with our religion. So being transgender was not an option in my family’s choices. At first they said I just had too many brothers and they rubbed off on me. Then they said “Oh, she’s just a tomboy.”

But finally they ran out of excuses and said nothing. So when I graduated high school and knew I was ready to transition I came out to my family as transgender. This explained so many things I did as a child that they had no other choice but to accept it. It was tough for them at the beginning, but they opened their minds up and now they understand and love everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

It wasn’t always easy for me as a kid growing up in a place where gender norms had to be followed in strict ways. Variation from the norm was not an option. But there is change coming during these next generations. I hope when I have children they will live in an accepting society with pride of who they are, no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

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