December 18 2015

The President’s Youth Council (PYC) is Dr. Robert Ross’ very own youth advisory board where authentic partnerships and collaboration emerge to create impactful change for young people. This holiday season, the PYC is partnering with The California Endowment to launch the #MyForceAwakens Campaign which utilizes the upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, to raise awareness and amplify messages surrounding the health and well-being of young people. The PYC has helped to shape this campaign, encouraging our peers to rise up and realize that the obstacles and struggles we face can be overcome through a positive network of support, self-determination and resilience. By activating our social media platforms, the #MyForceAwakens campaign serves as a springboard to a trending topic that elevates youth voice to surface our priorities in order to defeat the “Dark Side” of inequality, injustice and systemic oppression to achieve true wellness.

“The Force” is defined as the power within all of us where “Jedis” train and master the Force. Young people are the “Jedis” with limitless talents and skills to influence the way our world grows. In communities across California and beyond, Jedis are awakening to answer the call in the fight for health and justice. We need to provide opportunities for young people to master “The Force” in order to not only make healthy choices but to also boost our resilience in the battle against the “Dark Side.”

That is when OUR Force awakens.

Awaken your Force and stand in solidarity with youth, visit to create your own meme!




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