April 11 2016

Monterey County Herald – Fighting back as Big Soda targets communities of color

Of greater consequence, half of all Latino and African-American children will develop Type 2 diabetes during their lifetime. According to a Northern California study, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos and South Asians have the highest prevalence of diabetes among all groups. However, Big Soda bombards them with twice the level of advertising, in comparison to white audiences, in addition to targeting Asian-Americans and other racial/ethnic populations. Coca-Cola’s success with their Share A Coke campaign whereby soda cans were printed with the 250 most common first-names in the US, led to a subsequent marketing campaign focused on tagging cans with Hispanic surnames that can also be worn as temporary tattoos. The California organization, Latino Rebels, referred to the latter as stereotyping and “Hispandering.”

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