April 15 2019

On Tuesday, April 9th the School Health Data Team (SHDT) held a Key-Well Being Indicators Webinar for TCE staff and partners. The webinar illustrated and described data from recently released Key Student Well-Being Indicators Highlight reports that feature data pulled from the California Healthy Kids Survey reports from 11th graders in schools from BHC Places.

The webinar recording is now posted on the School Health Data Team webpage at: http://www.childrennow.org/bhc (Password: bhcteam). The accompanying slide deck is attached. Also on the website, you can find and download recent school health data reports and request technical assistance.

The SHDT welcomes opportunities for further conversations, deeper analysis of the data, and other ways we can support your work.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact Lori Nascimento or Elizabeth Rocha.

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