April 3 2017

California Healthline – The Next Obamacare Battleground: Subsidies For Out-Of-Pocket Costs

…Lake and her 55-year-old husband, Steven, who live in Truckee, Calif., rely on a subsidy program designed to lower her out-of-pocket health costs. This “cost-sharing” assistance — paid directly to her insurer, Blue Shield of California — keeps the couple’s copayments for doctor visits to about $15 a pop and lowers their annual deductible from $10,600 to $4,700. For many people like the Lakes, the demise of cost-sharing subsidies could mean the end of coverage — whether or not the ACA is fully repealed. If the subsidies are stopped, insurers likely would hike premiums or bolt from Obamacare exchanges and even the broader individual market, experts say…

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