September 8 2015

Oakland Voices is a citizen journalist project of East Oakland Building Healthy Communities and is funded by a grant from The California Endowment. The Oakland Voices correspondents went out into their neighborhoods to survey what was there and what wasn’t — grocery stores, liquor stores, churches, parks. They came back with some insightful observations about community and belonging and some discoveries about places they thought they knew. Click on the titles (they are active links) below to read about  what they found.



A video walk through my neighborhood I frequented Oakland’s Fruitvale District before I called it home. When I walked along International Boulevard from the Fruitvale BART station, I used to sneak a curious look at the smaller neighborhood streets, the pale rows of Victorian houses, the corroded high fences. I’d look around and think, “Yeah, maybe, […]



The aroma of KFC, nail polish and bus exhaust contend for a space and all settle inside my nostrils. This is 73rd and International Blvd. With its never ending red traffic lights, the 1R whizzing by carrying working people, school children and those just along for the ride. On this corner, it seems as if […]



Sitting outside our local gas station Seminary Gas & Food, I realize that this is probably the busiest spot in our neighborhood. There are lots of customers stopping for gas, cigarettes, coffee, snacks, alcohol and other goodies. The store also carries the essentials that you need when you don’t want to go to the grocery […]

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