February 27 2017

It can be said that advancements have been made,

but we minorities are still being played

by this age old game their ancestors invented

that leave our lives and history forever augmented.

But the scary thing is, this game has become internal

the discrimination of those with darker skin being life-eternal.

This is not a thing of the past,

as the range of their game is still vast.

Yet as we try to speak about our plight

they try with all their might

to be the victim, played by the game,

as if they did not create it, and they are not to blame.

But really, they are, because for centuries they’ve colonized

and over the years since then, their standards have institutionalized.

We are constantly victims of their terrorism

(which is not called such because of “traces of autism.”)

The law is not in our favor, there is a constant divide.

But we will not stay down and beaten, we stand in solidarity and pride

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