June 14 2016

“Love Letters” is a national campaign, supported by Google, to uplift the voices of young people who have an incarcerated parent. On Father’s Day, we are asking many of the 2.7 million children in the United States who have at least one parent incarcerated to share letters they have written to their father. During this time, let’s remember our parents behind bars and the devastating human cost of mass incarceration. Please join us in supporting organizations that keep parents connected to their children:

POPS The Club: https://www.facebook.com/popstheclub
Place4Grace: http://www.theplace4grace.org/
Hour Children: http://hourchildren.org
In Arm’s Reach: http://inarmsreach.net
The Osborne Association: http://www.osborneny.org
Essie Justice Group: http://www.essiejusticegroup.org
The Messages Project: http://themessagesproject.org

For more information on criminal justice reform legisaltion to end mass incarceration, visit:


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