July 9 2018


John Mack courtesy of UCLA.edu

This week, a hero, legend, colleague, mentor and friend will be celebrated and buried.

His name is John Mack.

John was the legendary President of the Los Angeles Urban League for many years, and represented the heart and soul of civil rights, social justice, race relations, and moral courage in our region.  In Nelson Mandela-like fashion, John Mack transformed himself from the legendary “outsider” activist for civil rights into the consummate “insider” warrior for justice in the LAPD Commission – helping to push, guide, and cajole the once-paramilitary LAPD into a national leader on community policing.

I ask each of you to take a moment of reflection this week to consider how a human being named John Mack asserted the brand of moral courage to help transform the community of Los Angeles from a case study of racial animus to a national model of multi-ethnic, multi-racial cooperation.

Thank you, John Mack.  You are loved, and your extraordinary brand of leadership will be missed.

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