June 14 2016

On behalf of our TCE family, thoughts and prayers are with the community of Orlando, Florida this week, and the LGBTQ community nationwide.  Words are utterly incapable of conveying the sense of grief, shock, and pain as I attempt to make some sense of this terribly tragic and hateful act.

Certainly, the community of San Bernardino understands and appreciates what the community of Orlando will experience in the days and weeks to come.

Our nation will undoubtedly embark on an even more intense discourse about terrorism, and strategies to combat it.  This is appropriate, well, and good.  The mission and work of our foundation, however — and the partners and communities we support – is about the business of bridge-building and peacemaking in service of healthy communities.  The Orlando tragedy will have the effect of stiffening our resolve as we pursue this work.

The final prayer that is offered at our church service feels particularly meaningful and relevant at this moment.  It ends, quite simply, stating: “….Send us into the world in peace, and grant us strength and courage.”


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