January 28 2020

It is disheartening that today the US Supreme Court decided to allow the hurtful Public Charge rule to be implemented while various lawsuits continue to move through the courts.  The new public charge rule is already having and will continue to have a devastating effect on low-income immigrant families living throughout California.  These are families who will struggle to feed their families and access critical health care.  This ruling will directly hurt our communities and economy.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we want our friends and neighbors in California’s immigrant communities to know that we will stand steadfast with you in support of the California narrative of full inclusion and belonging.  Together, we will continue to support an effort where All Californians thrive and live in healthy communities.

It is important to know your rights and we encourage those concerned with this ruling and issue to check to see if public charge would affect them by going to:

    • Screening Web tool: KeepyourbenefitsCA.org / tusbeneficiospublicos.org
    • Screening Text tool:  650-3768006  Text “benefits” (for English) , “libre” (for Spanish), “福利” (Chinese) or “lợiích” (Vietnamese)
    •  One CA Public Charge provider list.


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