June 26 2017

Pride to me is having the ability and confidence in yourself to be unapologetically yourself.

I’ve done this through being an activist of using what resources are available to me. One of the things I’m most proud of is creating my blog called LGBT Chronicles (http://lgbtchronicles.weebly.com). With this blog I have created, I write articles on LGBT celebrities, LGBT business owners, and their allies that are making a difference in the world with their profession. I was inspired to make this blog after noticing that when the media would write an article on an LGBT celebrity, whoever wrote it would focus on and make a huge deal of the person’s sexual orientation and/or their gender identity instead of simply talking about what a wonderful person they were and how their presence in their profession was making a positive difference. So ultimately, I got to work on my blog.

After a massive amount of research I found the perfect place for me to create a blog: a website called Weebly. This website allowed me to create what I wanted easily and get my message quickly out there. After some hard work and dedication, I’ve written articles on the fashion designer Phoebe Dahl and her clothing brand Faircloth and Supply, the restaurant Knuckle and Claw which was run by Phoebe’s sister Chloe Dahl and her partner Nikki Booth. I’ve also written an article on the clothing brand Cardinahl Dahl which again is run by Phoebe Dahl along with her friend Ruby Cardinahl. I plan on continuing to write and spread my positive and much needed message.

I am also the president of my high school’s Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA). This has allowed me to have a safe space at school where I feel I am accepted for who I am and being able to provide the same experience for other students as well. But of course I would not have the confidence to do these things which allow me to spread messages of equality on a daily basis if I had not come out as transgender to my mom.

When I first came out to my mom she accepted me wholeheartedly which is something I don’t thank her for enough. My dad also knows and he has also accepted me.

Post-coming out I have started going to youth groups for trans youth and the LGBT community’s youth as a whole.

I never would have even dreamed in a million years that I would get opportunities such as this one just by not being afraid to be the best and happiest version of myself.

Also, after coming out I feel that I have become a significantly more confident, happy, and better person.

To end this post I would like to give a million thanks to everyone who has supported me and is still supporting me in my journey of discovering. I have found and created my personal definition of pride, and helping and supporting others in finding their definition of pride.

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