February 22 2017

Comic BookTake Action Comics is proud to have worked with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine on a new comic book to highlight the Academies’ recent report, Communities in Action: Pathways to Health EquityThe report reviews the state of health disparities in the United States and their root causes, identifies community-based solutions to address them, and recommends key research needs to promote health equity. The report finds, among other things, that health inequalities are in large part a result of poverty, structural racism, and discrimination. As a  result, civil rights approaches are necessary to mitigate negative impacts of discrimination, analyze the burdens and benefits of health policy on all people, and to promote health equity.

The comic gives a brief overview of the report’s findings, recommendations, and guiding principles for communities, and directs readers to the full report and highlights.

Take Action Comics aims to make the struggle for health equity captivating and accessible to all – especially to younger generations. People of all ages and backgrounds hold a stake in carrying on the Civil Rights Revolution and promoting a culture of health. Of course, comics cannot convey the breadth of information that a full textual report can. Comic pages—filled with bright colors, interesting images, and striking text—can, however, provoke interest, inspire readers to learn more, and direct a wider audience to materials that they otherwise might never have uncovered. As the report itself finds, partnerships between diverse allies are critical to comprehensive solutions to health inequities. Creative media is an effective pathway to discovering those diverse allies.

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