September 8 2015


Sacramento Voices 2015Sacramento Voices, funded by The California Endowment, have taken on a big assignment in September — surveying the health of their South Sacramento neighborhoods.

The project is creative and subjective. And it’s based on clinical observations and personal experiences that can only come from people who live and work in the communities under examination.

The results are authentic. They will surprise you.

Correspondent Eugene Willis opens our series with reportage of Oak Park’s liquor stores and how they reflect the health of a community grappling with change, new faces and gentrification.

New stories will be posted here every few days during September. We welcome your feedback. Click on the headline (all are active links) of each story to read in full.

Oak Park Health: Too many liquor stores? Not necessarily

OP 1Oak Park and South Sacramento are rapidly changing. Oak Park has new homes, thriving businesses and new developments, springing up virtually every month. But OP still has a reputation, possibly unfair, for drugs, crime, gangs and alcohol. Some residents cite and lament easy access to alcohol, via liquor stores, as the genesis of the past […]


My campus, a war zone

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.47.24 AMThe fatal shooting that took place at Sacramento City College last week (Sept. 3) was another school shooting, but not the last. As long as there are fools with guns, there will continue to be shootings that injure or take lives. I was there that day. My Fashion class began at 1 p.m. and ended […]

 Fruitridge-Franklin Heath: Step over the tracks

Fruitridge-Franklin 1For the past four years, I’ve been fond of the neighborhood I live in. A neighborhood considered to be bad – or “ghetto” – because it’s in the middle of the Franklin and Fruitridge neighborhoods. Yes, there’s often a helicopter in the sky, hovering around looking for who knows what. The neighborhood’s health looks sketchy […]


Oak Park Health: A failing grade

old oak parkThe common definition of “healthy” is simple: In good health; indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health. Synonymous with well, fine and fit. When I look at these words and consider their meaning, they have nothing to do with my neighborhood. I can’t see where I could use the word “well” because Fruit Ridge […]





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