December 14 2015

All of us are shattered by the tragic recent events  in a place we call home.   We send our love, strength, and prayers to all those affected by the shooting in San Bernardino.

To the public servants at San Bernardino County Department of Public Health know that we stand with you and wish you peace.

To all the first responders that acted so quickly to care for the victims and bring this horrific event to a close you have our deepest thanks and appreciation.

To all those across the nation that have just discovered our community, don’t forget about us once the cameras dim.  We are a community of strength and talent that has overcome great challenges.  We have long been forgotten by those in power in Sacramento resulting in a lack of resources to assist us.  We are not the “black hole” between Los Angeles and San Diego but a vibrant collection of strong souls struggling to make it through this world together.

To all our friends, colleagues and activist in this struggle for peace and justice, We love you all and will get through this moment together.

Let’s all strive to be better human beings – with less hate, violence and divisiveness. Let’s reach deep into our souls to find compassion, love and unity.

We are all in this struggle we call life together and part of one big world!

“We believe Love is greater than hate; Courage is greater than fear and Unity is greater than separation.”

“We must not merely pray to God but accompany that prayer with attitude and action.”

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