May 18 2015

Fast food outlets don’t just supersize fries. They supersize inequality. And poor health.

Fast food CEOs earn 1000 times what their front line workers make. It’s the most unequal sector in our economy.

The women and men who make burgers and shakes earn poverty wages so low that over half of all fast food workers and their families receive government assistance, such as food stamps.

Statistics like these inspired us to create this infographic: Fast Food Failure (see it below). It’s meant to look like a menu. But rather than list the prices of sodas and chicken nuggets, it details the human cost this industry inflicts on families and communities. Big thanks also to our friends at Demos who published the report Fast Food Failure that also inspired this infographic.

But there is some good news. Our favorite stat in this infographic is 70 percent. That’s how many Sacramento residents support raising their local minimum wage. When people earn enough to support their families, they live longer, healthier lives.

The partners in our Sacramento Building Healthy Communities initiative are leading a conversation about how all Sacramento families deserve a healthy, livable wage. They put up this infographic in laundromats and bus shelters throughout Sacramento. Organizations like Sacramento Area Congregations Together, Sacramento ACCE, and Organize Sacramento are doing incredible work. Click here to learn more about what they’re doing and check out #raisethewage.

It’s time to supersize opportunity and health. Not inequality.


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