November 12 2015

Californians support Proposition 47 and want state and county leaders to faithfully implement the new law and take further steps to reform our criminal justice system. That’s the message from a survey of 1,969 Californians released today—on the one-year anniversary of the passage of Proposition 47.

Last November, 59 percent of California voters supported the historic initiative, which reclassified six low-level felonies as misdemeanors. Today’s survey found that if Proposition 47 appeared on the ballot again, 67 percent of Californians would vote ‘Yes.’ The measure is supported by men and women; younger and older Californians; Democrats and Republicans; and strong majorities of Latinos, African Americans, Whites, and Asian Pacific Islanders. Proposition 47 is one thing we all agree on.

Californians believe that Proposition 47 was an important step forward, and they want additional action to reform our criminal justice system and keep our communities safe. In particular, Californians want state and local leaders to use Proposition 47 savings to invest in prevention, like job training for young people, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment in our communities.

Californians want to move away from a culture of excessive punishment and toward a culture of prevention. The California Endowment couldn’t agree more. That’s what we are working with advocates across the state to encourage state and local leaders to prioritize prevention when making budget decisions. It’s prevention that really keeps us safe and healthy. #SchoolsNotPrisons!

Click here to read more about the survey.

Click here to watch a video highlighting a recent Prop 47 Record Clearing Event in South Los Angeles

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