July 18 2018

People who currently have DACA status urgently need to renew their status in the next three weeks. Here’s why.

The State of Texas and a few others have filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the DACA program in its entirety is unlawful and unconstitutional. The first arguments in the case will be heard on August 8th in Texas.

If the State of Texas prevails, DACA could be terminated along with any pending renewal applications. Even worse, the judge overseeing the case has ruled against DACA before. He could issue a decision anytime from mid-August through late fall. And with other federal courts ruling in favor of DACA, judicial confusion could put the case on a fast track to the Supreme Court where Trump-nominee Brett Kavanaugh may occupy a seat by the first Monday in October.

All of this means one thing: If ever there was a time to for those enrolled in DACA to renew their status, it’s now.

Click here to renew your DACA.

Click here to check to see if financial assistance is available in your area. There are still funds available to help with the cost of the DACA application. 

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