August 7 2017

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, Self Help Graphics & Art, Honor the Earth and The California Endowment hosted the opening reception for The Art of Indigenous Resistance in Los Angeles. The exhibition featured the work of leading artists and art-activist collectives from across the nation whose work creates awareness in the social, economic, environmental, and political issues that affect the health of indigenous communities and the world at large. The evening was MC’d by Temryss Xeli’tia Lane and Fidel Rodriguez and featured performances by Lyla June, Wake Self, Raye Zaragoza, and Supaman. In celebration of Mother’s Day weekend and as a dedication to Mother Earth and all indigenous women fighting for justice around the world, the show also included murals by artist Nani Chacon and Votan.

Through art, indigenous communities are able to address the injustices and harm inflicted on their land, their culture and their people in hopes that their voices are heard, leading to dialogue and most importantly, change. The event honored all those who have fought for health and justice for our indigenous communities.

Deleyana Aguilera
Faith Torres
Jesica Rios
Lisandro Alcander
Mahlija Florendo
Rhea McCoy
River Garza
Shannon Albers
Annelia Hillman (adult ally)

Mekko Harjo
Tom Harjo
Demian Diné Yaz
Zarmara Cuyun
Hillary Kempenich
Cannupa Hanska Luger
Marina Eskeets
Kimberly Robertson
Joel Garcia
Jackie Fawn
Eve Billie
Hanna Sholl
Alison Marks
Rachel Espinoza
Andrew Hobson
Valarie Rangel
Alicia Siu Bernal
Rylin Becenti
Melissa Rodriguez
Monique | Aura
Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé
Samantha Keller
Keith Secola
DeLesslin George-Warren
Kecia Cook
Sean Guerra
Ernesto Yerena
Chris Carlson
Jesus Barraza
Jaque Fragua
Gregg Deal
Nani Chacon
Chip Thomas
Kim Smith
Tom Greyeyes
Star Wallowingbull
Rabbet Strickland
Donald Montileaux
Lexx Valdez
Alania Buffalo Spirit
Ron Toahanie Jackson
Michael Horse
Remy Fredenburg
Jaycee Beyale
Lucie Skjefte
Beth Peterson
River Garza
Moira Villard
Dorothy Deegan
Kristina Badhand
Tani Gordon
Celestino Crow
Jay Monture
Daniel González
Maribel Falcon
Issac Murdoch
Sadie Redwing
Christie Belcourt
Dignidad Rebelde
Melanie Cervantes
John Isaiah Pepion
Marco Zamora
Beatriz Aurora
Artivists Into Action (AIA)
Álvaro Daniel Márquez
Kiela Bird
The Zapatista Cooperative Las Mujeres con la Dignidad Rebelde

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