August 31 2015

It’s a fact that undocumented immigrants help fuel the U.S. economy.

  • Undocumented Californians work hard and give back to their communities and the state, contributing $130 billion to California’s GDP (California Immigrant Policy Center, 2014).
  • Undocumented households in California paid $2.7 billion in taxes in 2010 (Immigration Policy Center, 2011).
  • A UCLA study found that if all undocumented Californians were removed from the state, California would lose 3.6 million jobs and its economy would shrink by $302 billion. Los Angeles County alone would lose $106 billion in economic activity (Center for American Progress, 2011).

The #Undocumoney campaign was launched to raise awareness and to help cut through all the anti-immigrant rhetoric. Check out the video and join the campaign!

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