April 16 2015

The California Museum, in partnership with The California Endowment, is launching an exhibition this month that uses modern technology to explore our state’s rich history of immigration.

We Are All Californians: Stories of Modern Immigration centers around a 20-foot interactive multimedia wall that explores modern migration and health through the eyes of nine individuals.

This fascinating period saw the transformation of California from the frontier to the largest, wealthiest, and most dynamic state in the nation.

Most of that growth was driven by immigrants, who came from every corner of the globe, from Mexico to Vietnam. Today, California trails only Hawaii in diversity, and no single ethnic group makes up a majority of the state’s population, which more than doubled in the first 10 years of the 20th century alone, and has continued to multiply at an electric pace.

The exhibit reminds us that California is a state of immigrants. They are a part of our shared history and future. They fuel our economy and imbue California with their rich cultural heritage, yet they are often left without access to good jobs, health care, social programs, and human services. The Endowment believes this is unjust and created the #Health4All campaign to raise awareness that not all Californians have access to health coverage. We know as a state we can do better.

Come visit We Are All Californians and share your own stories of immigration at one of the interactive story stations. The exhibit opens April 21st at The California Museum in Sacramento. Attend the opening reception: RSVP by the 17th to Amanda Bratcher at Exhibit@CalEndow.org or call 1-800-449-4149 ext. 5311.

Watch this video preview of the exhibit from the Sacramento Bee:

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