April 29 2015

Sometimes the best science, facts and statistics just aren’t enough. To raise awareness about the direct link between sodas and diabetes – and the need to put warning labels on sugary drinks – a visual, personal, and emotional appeal was also needed. To make that happen, the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA) developed and placed a series of newspaper ads featuring local residents throughout California.

In their own powerful and dramatic words, local residents told of the devastating impact that sugary drinks have had in their families. The stark half-page ads, which included a picture of the young person whose story was being told, make a compelling case that health warning labels should be placed on sodas and junk drinks, just like they are on cigarettes. In their closing words, they make an impassioned plea for the information they and their community need to make healthy beverage choices.

You can see the ads here 

These ads have run in eight newspapers. They provide a clear picture of the link between junk drinks and diabetes and one very specific thing that can be done to help keep Californians healthy.

We at the California Center for Public Health Advocacy are sponsoring legislation in the California Legislature to put warning labels on sugary drinks. For more information, please go to www.sodawarninglabels.org.

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