Want to Bring Social Justice and Health Equity to your Community?

It begins and ends with people power.

Whether you just stepped foot in California or you were born and raised here, we want your communities, and the local, regional, and statewide policies (or “rules”) that affect your life, to work for everyone.

Find out what you can do to organize within your community, and change the health outcomes for everyone.

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Our Progress & Learnings

Our Progress & Learnings

The California Endowment is committed to promoting shared learning among our grantees, partners, board, and staff to create healthier communities.

We do so through supporting evaluation and research and through sharing what we learn with our partners and the field. We work to apply data and research in real time to inform strategy and to create greater impact. In addition, we seek feedback on our role as a funder and change-maker in order to become a more effective leader.

The following learning are what we have to date:

2010-2020 BHC Dashboard

Ten Years of Building Healthy Community Power to Achieve Health Equity

BHC's Decade of Accomplishments consists of three linked components. First, a slideshow report with a concise narrative highlighting key grantee partner milestones. This is coupled with a digital map that describes the local impact of people power in fourteen communities, as well as a digital timeline that lays out the context of statewide policy changes.

View our Accomplishments

President's Youth Council.

The President’s Youth Council is a body of youth ambassadors across California that serves in partnership with the CEO of The California Endowment to ultimately shape The California Endowment’s investments and culture.

As ambassadors, the President’s Youth Council members provide community perspective by centering youth voices to cultivate narrative and systems change through storytelling to improve the health of underserved communities across California.


Serve as thought partners

In three year terms by providing youth perspective in advancing health equity and health justice campaigns.

Serve as representatives

Of the youth leadership body of The California Endowment.

Participate in leadership and professional development opportunities

To strengthen leadership skills to help them be more effective advocates for the communities.

Gain access to networking and mentorship opportunities

With the President & CEO and the staff of The California Endowment and support the connection of youth with regional, state, and national youth empowerment campaigns for social justice and addressing the needs of youth and their communities.

Amplifying voices of those traditionally excluded.

The California Endowment values the energy, agility, and fearlessness of youth leadership and youth organizing in its many forms including local, statewide and online community building, and lifting the voices of those traditionally excluded from public conversations to create opportunities for their stories to be told and heard.

It’s driven by a vision of what constitutes a healthy community: one in which youth and adults thrive and all community members have the opportunities, supports and resources to develop their full potential, thus achieving greater health equity for all Californians, especially those who have experienced disadvantage or historical injustice.

Members of the President’s Youth Council:

Yosef Aklilu
Yosef Aklilu Fresno
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez Garden Grove
Julia Ruiz
Julia Ruiz Rancho Cucamonga
Angelina Diaz
Angelina Diaz Fontana
Kimberly Gudino
Kimberly Gudino Sacramento
Karla Ortiz
Karla Ortiz Boyle Heights

Explore Programs Offered by The California Endowment.

Programming designed to convene, build solidarity and create a connective tool to uplift voices in community for social change.

Watch select events below!

CalEndow Live

CalEndow Live

CalEndow Live is the public programs arm of The California Endowment. With health and racial equity at the center of our programming, CalEndow Live offers inclusive and topical lectures, roundtable discussions, film screenings, critical conversations with authors, educators, organizers, activists and artists, and through town halls and creative experiences.

Calendow Live is open for all and free for the public good.

Upcoming virtual events.

June 29, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.   |   George Takei: Social Media Mega-Power
Best known for his portrayal of Mr. Sulu in the acclaimed television and film series Star Trek, George Takei talks with us about his work as a social justice activist, his childhood experience in internment camps along with 120,000 other Japanese Americans, and his expansion into social media as a driver for community change.

July 22, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.   Alicia Garza: The Purpose of Power
Innovator, strategist, and organizer Alicia Garza offers reflections and lessons for change rising out of two decades of learning and unlearning how to come together when things around us are falling apart—a  new paradigm for a new generation of changemakers. Youth Moderator (TBD).

Past events.

DeRay Mckesson: Building Power for Racial Equity
On April 12, 2021, activist, educator, and author DeRay Mckesson joined in conversation with Margarita Luna, at TCE, about his journey from Middle School math teacher to acclaimed civil rights leader and police reform advocate. DeRay shared lessons learned from the streets of Ferguson, the jail cells of Baton Rouge, and the West Wing of the White House.

WATCH: The Race to Vaccinate: Protecting the most vulnerable Californians from COVID-19 
On March 25, 2021, a panel of esteemed health care experts discussed systemic inequities in health care, the efficiency and safety of COVID-19 vaccines, and the medical community’s role in building trust with communities of color. Speakers: Dr. Kupiri Ackerman-Barger, Dr. David Tom Cooke, and Dr.  Zola Afua Mansa Chihombori Quao. Moderator, Dr. Tony Iton. Watch the recording here.

Advancing Health Equity Awards & Workshop

Advancing Health Equity Awards & Workshop

Advancing Health Equity Awards honor local California public health departments who are exploring new territory and developing bold strategies to build power for health and racial equity. They showcase and reward public health department practices—with awards totalling $175,000 the first two cycles, and $235,000 the third cycle—that can inform and shape future health and racial equity work.

The Advancing Health Equity Workshop is designed for California-based public health practitioners who believe in fundamentally transforming how we approach health creation in this country. Practitioners gather to learn, support and inspire one another, and share innovative strategies that can build community voice and power for the health of all Californians.

Our intention is to hold the Awards every two years and the workshop yearly. Given how the Corona Virus is changing our social landscape, the Planning Committee is evaluating how best to bring public health practitioners together.

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Youth Awards

Youth Awards

Across the state, young people are standing at the frontlines, taking action, and leading conversations to create lasting change that will lead to a more equitable and healthy future. The Youth Awards, created in 2018, recognize and celebrate the young changemakers and youth-allied organizations that have made a tremendous impact on improving the health of their communities and across the state of California.

Award recipients are youth leaders between the ages of 13 and 26 whose actions impact public policies, create innovative models of service, strengthen local institutions, and inspire youth power in communities across California.

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