Want to Bring Social Justice and Health Equity to your Community?

It begins and ends with people power.

Whether you just stepped foot in California or you were born and raised here, we want your communities, and the local, regional, and statewide policies (or “rules”) that affect your life, to work for everyone.

Find out what you can do to organize within your community, and change the health outcomes for everyone.

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Our Progress & Learnings

Our Progress & Learnings

The California Endowment is committed to promoting shared learning among our grantees, partners, board, and staff to create healthier communities.

We do so through supporting evaluation and research and through sharing what we learn with our partners and the field. We work to apply data and research in real time to inform strategy and to create greater impact. In addition, we seek feedback on our role as a funder and change-maker in order to become a more effective leader.

The following learning are what we have to date:

2010-2020 BHC Dashboard

Ten Years of Building Healthy Community Power to Achieve Health Equity

BHC's Decade of Accomplishments consists of three linked components. First, a slideshow report with a concise narrative highlighting key grantee partner milestones. This is coupled with a digital map that describes the local impact of people power in fourteen communities, as well as a digital timeline that lays out the context of statewide policy changes.

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