Priority Areas

Input from the community determined the four priority areas for the Social Bond. To support powerbuilding, resources are most needed in the following four categories – power infrastructure, health, resilient communities and research and evaluation.

Power Infrastructure

Strengthen and grow power-building infrastructure that centers organizing for transformative systems change

Outcomes / Impacts
  • Network of innovative regional and statewide centers
  • Capital that supports exponential growth
  • More BIPOC-led grassroots organizing groups


A health system that advances racial equity by addressing prevention and coverage, strengthening community governance and building a diverse health workforce pipeline.

Outcomes / Impacts
  • Dedicated funding mechanisms to accelerate health system transformation and workforce diversity
  • Statewide and local infrastructure for policy advocacy and campaigns for community-centered and community-led health system reforms

Resilient Communities

Invest in communities most affected by the harmful impacts of climate change

Outcomes / Impacts
  • Practices and policies that prioritize racial equity, and honor tradition and culture
  • A galvanized climate justice movement that values marginalized voices and communities
  • Regional approaches that connect to a unified climate action agenda

Research & Evaluation

Grow strategic knowledge, learning capacity & data infrastructure to support powerbuilding for systems transformation

Outcomes / Impacts
  • Community-centered learning
  • Collaborative learning networks
  • Tested theories of powerbuilding
  • An expanded bench of the next generation researchers/evaluators
  • Sustainable statewide learning networks