June 2 2017

The main purpose for the Pride Month is for us to remember and recognize what impacts people in the community have made across history. Pride Month is very important to many people and it is special for many based on their own experiences.

Pride isn’t just for people in the community to celebrate being gay, it’s about helping other people to overcome struggles and be better. It’s about accomplishing goals in the community and being positive and strong, hoping that more will be achieved in the future and things will get better for people who are bullied, homeless, faced hate crimes and other things because of being part of the LGBT+ community. Helping other people, whether being friends or not, to come out is part of it too, and showing others that there are many of us here with them when they are feeling alone and confused.

Yes, our community has achieved some goals and a majority of us are no longer afraid to come out and stand up for ourselves and others, but there are still many hate crimes and bullying and other bad things happening to people in the community out there in the world which we need to try to have less of. That is why Pride Month is very important. It is not only during this month in which we celebrate and educate others about our history because there are people out there all the time needing help and wanting to know more about the community and trying to find out what and who they really feel they are. Some things we can do is talk about things in school that have happened in history to the LGBT+ community, or talk to your friends and family members in a positive way about it and help them be open minded about it (if they’re not already).

Support drag community events, research and share stories about discrimination, read and share books on gender and try to make restrooms, at least at schools, more accessible for trans people.

We can help people struggling to come out to friends and family members about their sexuality and gender. And something very important is to help someone you know who is part of the LGBT community and is living with people or someone who is against it and can be in danger because of it.

There are many things that we can do to help people through education and sharing. To me, that is what having pride is and I’m very proud of my community and the things that have been accomplished. I can tell that we are becoming less fearful and that is something I think is amazing because we are showing others who might be scared that it’s okay, we are normal and we exist.

I hope more people out there get to know what our truth is and what we want from other people who don’t believe in us and/or just hate the community. I hope and believe that things will get better for a lot of people out there who have yet to come out, those that are still scared, and the future generations.




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