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Josiah Bruny

Josiah Bruny

Josiah Bruny

After moving from the LA area to the Inland Empire, Bruny noticed disparities in the enrichment programs available to children, as well as in the community’s level of economic opportunity more broadly.

This ultimately led him to found Music Changing Lives (MCL), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization “dedicated to providing music, art, and tutoring programs in America’s public schools and community centers.”

Josiah Bruny

In his work, Bruny focuses on economic empowerment, health justice and providing youth with the chance for self actualization. A community garden he began on a one-acre lot has provided over a million pounds of free produce to local residents. MCL’s State of the Youth Campaign invites young people to name the top five issues they’d like to see addressed within their communities and also to propose policies that would bring about those changes.


“In our community we want to build organic movements where we're at the table and feel like we are being heard and not just being talked at.”

“People power is the true power in this world.”

The matter of Belonging is core to our theory of change as a health equity-minded foundation.

We are advancing health and racial equity in California


Our health system works best when every Californian has access to quality and affordable health care.


Re-imagining a criminal justice system that centers on prevention and healing.


Our communities and neighborhoods thrive when policies advance health and racial equity for all Californians.


Building Power in resilient communities across the state for a stronger California.


Academic achievement, inclusive learning environments and health go hand in hand.

The matter of Belonging is core to our theory of change as a health equity-minded foundation.