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Deep Singh Chan

Deep Singh Chan

Deep Singh Chan

As an activist, Singh Chan understands how different groups share a stake in the fight for justice.

He is a co-founder of The Jakara Movement, “an institution for the recruitment and training of volunteers and a hub for the Sikh Californian youth.” Jakara engages young Sikhs through service-learning, activism and volunteerism in their communities. Yet when Singh Chan reflects on his path to this calling, he says that the creation of Jakara wasn’t merely informed by the Punjabi Sikh community’s history—but also by witnessing the racial justice struggles of the Black and Latinx communities in CA as he grew up in the eighties and nineties.

Deep Singh Chan

Singh Chan is inspired by the younger generation, and says that when he visits the high school down the street, “the Punjabi kids are more than happy to celebrate themselves” in a way he didn’t experience growing up.


“Our longing for social justice, our commitment towards equity and really our sense of being in this struggle have been formed both from our past, but also from our neighbors all around us.”

“The people that are here right here, right now in this moment make California something so, so powerful. I think there is a spirit, especially amongst the youth, that appreciates parts of the legacies of the past, but is inspired to build a future that is something that we want the whole state to be proud of. I think there's something very, very unique, something very, very special happening in California right now.”

The matter of Belonging is core to our theory of change as a health equity-minded foundation.

We are advancing health and racial equity in California


Our health system works best when every Californian has access to quality and affordable health care.


Re-imagining a criminal justice system that centers on prevention and healing.


Our communities and neighborhoods thrive when policies advance health and racial equity for all Californians.


Building Power in resilient communities across the state for a stronger California.


Academic achievement, inclusive learning environments and health go hand in hand.

The matter of Belonging is core to our theory of change as a health equity-minded foundation.