June 29 2015

The KNOW: Letters to the Editor – Flipping the Script on Media Bias

BHC Marco copy

…What can we do to overcome this harmful bias? It isn’t always easy, but one important step is to begin to take control of our own narrative.Who is a bigger expert on what you’re going through, than you? Your experiences, thoughts, and struggles are best understood and conveyed by you and by extension your community. This is the aim of the I AM poster project launched by the Boys and Men of Color (BMOC) group here in Fresno. In an empowering new type of representation, young people are defining themselves and at the same time letting the community know who they are. “I am an artist. I am ambitious. I am caring.”  The messages these young men carry challenge the pervasive media stereotypes of youth as either thugs or hoodlums…

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