June 22 2015

We’Ced: In Solidarity with #One Healthy Fresno: Bus Ads are Not Too Political

FresnoPark cartoon resized for news

…Early this year, the City of Fresno announced its $5.8 million plan to renovate city parks during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Building Healthy Communities Fresno had simultaneously begun an advocacy campaign around reducing the disparity in access to public green spaces between north Fresno and south Fresno, the former being more and more known as the affluent side of town while the latter being an area with highly concentrated poverty. A Fresno FAX bus advertisement, commissioned by BHC Fresno, that depicts the difference in green spaces between the two parts of the city through public information, has been rejected by Mayor Ashley Swearengin as ‘political’ and in violation of city codes for bus ads.  We’Ced youth reporters reflect on the issue occurring in our neighboring city and question the validity of Mayor Swearengin’s decision…

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