August 13 2018

California Influencers, a group of the state’s most respected experts in public policy, politics and government, weighed in on this question: What is the biggest environmental challenge facing the state?

Sacramento Bee | The California Influencer Series

…“The bounty and burdens of California’s environment are not equally shared or shouldered. Our biggest challenge is to engage those hardest hit in decisions about the most fundamental elements of California living — air, water and land. Meaningful engagement means giving affected communities the facts about air pollution, lead paint, ground water, racial disparities and risks of cancer. It means giving people notice about hazardous waste sites, refineries and land fills. It means giving lower-income residents incentives and access to clean vehicles, clean energy and water delivery systems. Most importantly, engagement means the voices of those with the lived experience are heard in Sacramento and not stifled by Washington, D.C. That includes giving California’s Attorney General the resources to support local investigations and litigation to defend our way of life.”

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