February 1 2018

“Rise Up As One,” tells a story – not just one of resistance, but also of solidarity. The video and poetry collaboration is a celebration of all Californians that were inspired by the statewide “Rise Up as One” movement. We witnessed this powerful movement emerge out of our state’s diverse communities and being led by young people, and we’re excited to contribute our voices and talents to help amplify and lift up the movement’s powerful messages of equality.

Our “Rise Up As One” video, which was directed and edited by Gabrielle Gorman and features a powerful poem written and performed by Amanda Gorman, was released on The California Endowment’s Facebook page during one of the most encouraging and inspiring weeks this year – days after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and before the anniversary of the Women’s March.  It was an honor to lend our voices and messages of solidarity to the conversation during such an important and empowering week.

We wanted both the poem and video to addresses many of the hurdles our nation is currently facing and serve as an example of how youth voices are determined to be heard and aim to lead our state and nation, together, as one.

“You get a wave when one person rises up like a sun, but you get movement when the brave rise up as one.”

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