Bob’s Blog: STOP the Friendship Park Border Wall

Stop building the border walls.

It has a familiar ring to it. You may remember President Ronald Reagan’s famous entreaty at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 1987, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

It is a bitter irony that nearly the same plea is being made 40 years later, here in California, to our current President to stop building a border wall.  President Joe Biden is supporting the construction of 30-foot-high walls at Friendship Park in San Diego that will essentially destroy binational camaraderie and decimate family connections on both sides of the border.

The Park was celebrated and established by the late first lady, Pat Nixon, and has stood as a symbol of unity and peace for decades. It was a safe gathering place for families and neighbors who could literally reach through the fencing, hold hands… and spend time with loved ones.

Building the Trump border walls would be a travesty.  They serve no purpose; resolve no problems. It’s political theater aimed at appeasing factions of voters who believe it shows our nation’s strength in getting tough on immigration. In fact, it does no such thing.

Building the walls will rupture U.S. – Mexico relations, hurt families, and stand as an affront to the rich history of our alliance. Our friendship with Mexico and our border security are compatible.  We are people of goodwill and common sense. Friendship Park serves as a tangible symbol of that union.

Stop building the border walls at Friendship Park.

Bob Ross




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