Poll Shows Support For Public Health Departments’ COVID-19 Response

LOS ANGELES – With public health departments across California under fire – and in some instances receiving death threats – for their response to COVID-19, a new poll just in shows the majority of voters approve of California’s public health departments handling of the pandemic.

The poll, sponsored by The California Endowment, polled over 800 voters in the state and was focused on the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The poll has a +/- 3 margin of error.

The poll found widespread support when asked about public health’s response to the pandemic that saved lives.  Specifically, more than two-thirds of voters or 68% strongly support their efforts.

Furthermore, when California’s voters were asked about public health officials handling of the pandemic in their locale, a large majority – 66% – approved of their response to COVID-19.

“The findings of the poll come at a time when public health officials are being threatened for trying to save lives and keep people safe during this pandemic,” said Robert K. Ross, MD, president and CEO, The California Endowment. “The reality is our public health departments have been on the frontline of fighting this pandemic and now are caught in the middle of worrying about their own safety while keeping the public safe.”

The poll also finds that more than half of the respondents believe public health should be at the forefront of keeping communities safe and recognize it is important to have public health keep everyone safe and healthy.

“We know that voters in California stand with our public health officials,” said Dr. Anthony Iton, senior vice president, Healthy Communities at The California Endowment. “This poll proves that voters support and stand with public health in helping to save lives and curb the spread of this virus at this critical time.”

Click here to download the survey memo.

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